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Competitividade, Sustentabilidade e Oportunidades


Quinta-feira, 28 de junho

9:00 Opening Ceremony to be chaired by the Governor of the State of Espírito Santo, forest engineer Renato Casagrande.
9:30 Magna ConferencePresident: Inguelore Scheunemann Batista, associate researcher at the BioAtlantic Institute
10:30 The Brazilian market and the challenges of internationalization: economic and structural aspects.Moderator:Roberto Rodrigues, Coordinator of the Agribusiness Center at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation and former agriculture minister.Speakers:Afonso Celso Pastore, economist and former president of the Brazilian Central Bank.


Paulo Rabello de Castro, economist and founding partner of RC Consultores.


Renato Casali Pavan, civil engineer and founding partner of Macrologística Consultoria.

12:00 Discussion
12:30 Lunch
14:00 The forestry industry: new business and innovationModerator: Luiz Ernesto George Barrichelo, professor at the Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture of the University of São Paulo.Speakers:

João Comério, forest engineer and Executive Officer, Forestry Business, Sustainability and Institutional Relations at Suzano Papel e Celulose


Hans Sohlström, Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and Development at UPM
Kaija Pehu-Lehtonen, Senior Vice-President, Business Development at Metsa-Botnia


Representative of the Munich Madeira Technologies Institute

16:30 Discussion

Foreign investment in Brazilian agribusiness and legal implicationsModerator:Márcio Félix Carvalho Bezerra, Espírito Santo State Secretary for Industry and Commerce.Speakers:

Ivandro Ristum Trevelim, lawyer at Souza, Cescon, Barrieu & Flesch Advogados.


Walter Lídio Nunes, engineer and CEO of Celulose Riograndense

17:30 Discussion
18:00 Close
19:00 Cocktail party for the presentation of the Madeira 2012 Trophy for those receiving awards and tributes


Friday June 29


8h30 Successful experiences with forest certification and trading in carbon credits.  Forest resources and the value chain.

Moderator: Maurício Bicalho de Melo, CEO of ArcelorMittal BioFlorestas




Marco Antônio Fujihara, agronomist engineer and director of Key Associados.


Roberto Waack, biologist and Vice-President of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

10h Discussion
10h30 The Forest Code, family farming and sustainability

Moderator: Paulo Eduardo Rocha Brant, Cenibra CEO



José Luciano Duarte Penido, mining engineer and Chairman of the Brazilian Pulp and Paper Assocation’s Board of Directors.


Jorge Viana, forestry engineer and Brazilian senator.

12h Discussion
12h30 Lunch
14h Forest biomass in Brazil and its share in the world energy mix

The panel will discuss the business opportunities, efficiency gains and environmental benefits associated with the use of wood and its derivatives to produce energy.

Moderator: Luis Fernando Schettino, Director-General of Espírito Santo State Electric Utility Agency and Madeira 2012 thematic coordinator



Jayme Buarque de Hollanda, engineer and General Director, National Energy Efficiency Institute (INEE).

INEE’s proposal for a wood energy policy in Brazil


Poyry representative

15h30 Discussion
16h Forestry business opportunities in Brazil and government loan facilities

Moderator: Carlos Augusto Lira Aguiar, Senior Director, Fibria.


The “Reflorestar” Program: A Proposal from the State of Espírito Santo


Marcos Franklin Sossai, forestry engineer and director of Natural Resources at the Espírito Santo State Institute for the Environment.


The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) Forestry Program

Funding for the planting of forest species for energy purposes and/or organic redox reactions with positive environmental externalities: projects reducing pressure on native forests by supplying the wood in the productive chains of the pig iron, ferroalloy, ceramic products and lime sectors;



Eduardo Christensen Nali, economist, Coordinator of the Paper and Pulp Department at the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES).


Funding for the reforestation of areas which have been degraded or converted and for forest management: planting of native forest species to conserve and recover degraded or converted areas, including Permanent Preservation Areas and Legal Reserves, and sustainable forest management of native areas.



Márcio Macedo da Costa – Head of the Environment Department at the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)

17h30 Discussion
17h30 Closing Ceremony