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Competitiveness, Sustainability and Opportunities

1. The Brazilian market and the challenges of internationalization: economic and structural aspects.

2. The forestry industry: new business and innovation.

3. Foreign investment in local agribusiness and legal implications

4. Successful experience with forest certification and trading in carbon credits. Forest resources and value chain.

5. The Forest Code, family farming and sustainability

6. Forest biomass in Brazil and its share in the world energy mix

7. Forestry business opportunities in Brazil and Government loan facilities

• The Reflorestar program: A proposition of the State of Espirito Santo

• The BNDES Florestal program


Council chair

Renato casagrande, governor of espírito santo.

Special honored guest

Eliezer batista, vice president, EBX group, former minister of mines and energy.

Special guest

Erling lorentzen, founder of aracruz celulose and chairman of the board of instituto


General coordinator

Jussara ribeiro, president, instituto besc de humanidades e economia.

Thematic coordinator

Luiz Fernando Schettino, director-general, espírito santo state electric utility agency.

• Ademar Silva Júnior, vice-president, CNA and chairman of CNA’s forestry and agroforestry commission.

• André Biazus, head of the pulp & paper department at BNDES.

• Antonio Joaquim de Oliveira, executive officer, duratex.

• Antonio Sergio Alipio, CEO, veracel celulose and chairman of the brazilian association of planted forest producers.

• Carlos Augusto Lira Aguiar, senior director, fibria.

• Celso Foelkel, forestry researcher and consultant.

• Eduardo Figueiredo, CEO, instituto bio atlântica.

• Elesier Lima Gonçalves, CEO, arcelor mittal bio florestas.

• Ênio Bergoli da Costa, espirito santo state secretary of agriculture, food supply, aquaculture and fisheries

• Fernando Henrique da Fonseca, director, cenibra.

• Germano Aguiar Vieira, forestry manager, eldorado brasil.

• Helton Damin da Silva, head of embrapa florestas.

• Irajá Abreu, federal representative and chairman of aliança florestal tocantins.

• Jayme Buarque de Hollanda, general director, national energy efficiency institute.

• Jean Rodrigues Benevides, national environment manager, caixa econômica federal.

• João Comério, executive officer, forestry business, sustainability and institutional relations, suzano papel e celulose.

• José Luciano Penido, chairman of the board of directors of fibria and of the deliberative council of the brazilian pulp and paper association.

• Laércio Couto, member of the board of directors of the world bioenergy association and assistant professor at the university of toronto.

• Marcelo Strufaldi Castelli, CEO, fibria.

• Márcio Félix Carvalho Bezerra, espirito santo state secretary for development

• Marcos Guerra, chairman of the espirito santo industry federation.

• Paulo Eduardo Rocha Brant, CEO, cenibra.

• Rodrigo Rasga, Chairman and CEO, energia florestal S.A.

• Sérgio Antônio Garcia Amoroso, chairman of the board of directors of jari celulose and grupo orsa.

• Toru Sato, Senior Director, caterpillar.